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What does Entrada and Carmel  bring to mind? How about massive sweeping arches against a cobalt sky? Both of the strange words are classifications of sandstone, and are the primary foundation for the natural foundations that give Arches it’s name, and aptly so. There are hundreds of formations within the boundaries, ranging from little “windows” to enormous “bridges.” This is the park for geologic wonder.


Arches and the surrounding area is incredibly popular, and offers many types of recreation. The park, however, is closed to some of the more environmentally degrading forms (like off-roading and most mountain-biking). Desert ecosystems are more fragile than they appear. Despite their arid hardiness, the flora and fauna of the southwest requires a delicate balance. Please be considerate of the natural wonders when enjoying the astounding beauty of the area.

Attractions & Exploration

  • moderateDelicate Arch – an obvious choice for most park visitors. Hike to one of the most iconic arches in the world on a moderately easy trail traversing incredible country.
  • easyLandscape Arch – easy walk beginning at Devil’s Garden to an impressive arch, with side trails to Tunnel and Pine Tree Arch. As a bonus, Devil’s Garden is a wonderful place to picnic and play on sandstone formations.
  • Stargazing –  “half the park is after dark.” Arches is phenomenal place to view the universe. Attend their Night Sky Programs for a truly incredible stargazing experience.


  • canyoneering
  • climbing (rock)
  • cycling
  • backpacking
  • hiking
  • snowshoeing
  • bird watching
  • cultural/historical
  • equestrian/horseback
  • museums
  • stargazing
  • wild-life viewing

Camping & Lodging

Campground Price/Night Distance Hookup Dumping
 Moab Valley RV Resort  $47 and up >20 mi full services
Canyonlands RV Resort  $47 and up  >20 mi full services


spring seasonautumn season

  • Spring | Fall  – expect pleasant weather in the transition months. Daytime temperatures are typically very enjoyable, with night time being slightly cooler. Summer brings intense heat, while winter is cold and usually snowy.


  • Arches is popular from March to October. There are especially busy times, including the Jeep Safari, during races, and over holidays (spring break, and Utah’s school systems’ fall break in October, and other national holidays).
  • The park is very dry, with mostly intermittent streams. This means you must bring water on every excursion. We recommend storing at least a gallon in your vehicle.
  • Graffiti and vandalism are a problem in Arches. The rock is lovely, and there’s no reason to deface any of it. Please be respectful.
  • Don’t climb on arches, bridges, or windows. They’ve been known to collapse and are always unsafe.

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