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RV Rental Options

Class A

Upscale traveling

This bus style type motorhome rental generally is designed for long term, long distance use with larger water, fuel and holding tanks. A Class motorhome rentals can be found with both gas and diesel motors. Sleeping usually accomodates 4-6 people with some new styles sleeping up to 9 people. This style of motorhome rental can be better equipped with features such as hydraulic leveling systems, back up camera, Satellite TV, etc. (Designed to be fully self contained for 5-10 days depending on occupancy).

A Class Advantages:

• Large front window for better view
• Open cab area part of living space
• More room for driver
• Better equipped
• Hydraulic Leveling System

Class B

Compact and comfortable

This crossover model is built on a C class chassis but does not have the cabover bed and often is more narrow for easier driving and parking. Built with a gas motor, this unit often offers many of the same features as a normal C class motorhome but is smaller and easier to manuver. Designed to be self contained for 3-7 days based on occupancy.

B Class Advantages:

• Easy to drive
• Designed for 2-4 people

Class C

Classic getaway

This style of motorhome rental is the most common on the road today. With the van style cab and the cabover bed, this motorhome varies in size from 21’ to 32’ and sleeps 2-10 people. The C class motorhome is designed to be fully self contained for 3-5 days.

C Class Advantages:

• Cabover bed
• Designed for 6-10 people
• Variety of floorplans and features

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