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Rental Steps


Chart Your Course

Map out the places you’ll visit – our trip planner is pretty helpful! Pick a central RV dealer (map above). You can call them for vacation advice too.


Determine the Perfect RV

Types of RVs are explained on our trip planner page. Some dealerships offer even more rental options. Visit their websites for more information.


Secure A Rental

Stake your claim about 3-5 months in advance. Book earlier when traveling in the popular summer months.


Book Flights

You can pick up your RV right after you land. Just remember to fly into an airport near your rental dealer.


Pack and Prepare

RVs come equipped with sleeping, cooking, and bathing arrangements. You won’t need much more than clothing. Also, your insurance provider may cover RVs, so check in advance. Bring a valid driver’s license and any other documents required by your dealership.


Take Care, Have Fun!

Know how to use your RV before departure. Follow laws (buckle up), and respect the places you visit (leave no trace). Enjoy!

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Rental Tips

  • Reserve campsites in advance (if possible)
  • Know if your insurance provider covers RVs
  • Pulling a trailer? Does your vehicle have the correct hitch?
  • Do not be afraid to ask questions
  • Know how to drive safe in extreme weather
  • Bring simple tools (screw-driver, etc.)
  • Charge RV batteries every 3-5 days
  • Bring your own water

More Questions?