Something about Redfish has largely kept it a secret. Although it is quite popular in the warm months, you’ll still find plenty of solitude at this little gem of Idaho’s Sawtooth range. The water is prized for being amazingly clear. It’s also incredibly cold, making boating a popular choice. With many miles of shoreline, trails, and back-roads Redfish will keep you entertained for days. 


  • climbing (rock/ice)
  • biking (mtn)
  • backpacking
  • hiking
  • kayaking
  • mountaineering
  • skiing/boarding
  • snowshoeing
  • swimming
  • bird watching
  • boating (power)
  • canoeing
  • equestrian/horseback
  • fishing
  • hunting
  • off-roading
  • rafting
  • sledding
  • stargazing
  • wild-life viewing


summer season

  • Summer – the high alpine setting of the lake makes it relatively cool – even in the hottest months of summer. Hardy campers may consider other off-season periods for solitude and snow-sports.


  • Redfish is somewhat remote. Expect a minimal range of amenities.
  • High altitude means more sun exposure – cover up, you’ll burn faster than you expect.
  • The lake is always cold. Hypothermia risk is high. Know the symptoms and take care.
  • Redfish is nestled in the wild. Don’t venture off-trail unless confident in your navigational abilities. It’s easy to become lost.